Front-End Developer

We are Meddy.

We help people make informed health decisions. We know that finding a good doctor for your needs is a pain and we exist to solve that problem. We have over 4000 doctors in our network. We are one of the largest healthcare networks in the region. 

We are looking for a Remote Front-End Developer.

What you’ll do:

We’re looking for a superstar that will take over the entire front end code of the platform. This will mean that you’ll be responsible for developing all front-end features for web and mobile web. This includes documentation and testing as well as any DevOps related tasks like bundling and deploying the front end builds.


Must have skills:

  • Extensive experience building production-ready Front End Web Applications.
  • Proficient with AngularJS and other Javascript technologies.
  • Proficient with HTML and CSS.
  • Experience with setting up build systems using Gulp/Grunt.
  • Experience in building complex tools server/client-side tools
  • Experience working collaboratively using Git and Github.

Must have traits:

- Curiosity and Inquisition: We’re looking for someone that can ask a lot of questions about all aspects of Meddy.

- Fast and Proactive learner: You always seek to learn and apply new methods and technologies for solving problems without being prompted to, and we want someone that could do that quickly.

- Good Communicator: You need to be able to communicate your ideas and solutions to very well. Explicit is better than Implicit!

- Passion for Code: You care about building great products and take ownership to ensure quality, and you won’t stop until you have something that you’re proud of!