Venture Partner - GCC (excluding KSA)

Modus Capital is seeking a part-time venture partner for help with fundraising support, due diligence, and deal flow. This person is entrepreneurial, creative, well connected in the GCC (excluding KSA) business & investor community, used to juggling multiple projects, and is described by 9/10 friends as a “hustler”. This is a minimum 5 year commitment to our investors and portfolio companies.

Modus Capital is an early to mid-stage ecosystem development fund that focuses on entrepreneurial ecosystem development in frontier markets by connecting them with with developed markets providing cross border deal-flow, capital flows, and knowledge transfer. Our focus is the creation of new technologies to alleviate  consumer and business pain points and application of technology value-added for small-to-medium enterprises. Modus’ expertise lies in growing businesses by providing holistic operational support - something that we have developed, executed, and mastered over the past 5 years.


  • Assist in operating a forward thinking strategic venture capital fund

  • Establish meaningful long term relationships with portfolio companies, venture investors, and LPs with the intent to invest and grow

  • Use qualitative and quantitative logic to evaluate a potential portfolio companies

  • Assist in raising capital for our current fund and subsequent funds

  • Market research on prospective portfolio companies

  • Management of current portfolio CRM

  • Join calls with founders for pitches, negotiations, and deal discussions

  • Company modeling for growth, market potential, unit economics & scaling, & P&L creation

  • Create slides for due diligence presentations

  • Venture modeling for returns analysis (TVPI, IRR, DPI), stress testing, and risk analysis

Skills & Experience

  • 1-3+ years at a fast growing venture backed startup

  • 1-3+ years at an incubator, accelerator, or other early stage startup community

  • 1-3+ years angel investing, or directly consulting angel investors

  • 1-3+ years growing consumer brands through marketing, partnerships, product, or user acquisition

  • 1-3+ years growing B2B software companies through marketing, partnerships, product, or user acquisition

  • Strong communication, organization, spreadsheets, marketing, multi-tasking, understanding of sales process & sales operations, launching startup companies

  • Google Suite, Excel, Cap Tables, Presentations

  • Ability to travel within the US