General Partner - Egypt

Ever want to be one of the leaders of an entirely new economy? That’s what opportunity awaits you at Modus Capital. 

We are not only building a new type of incubator, accelerator, venture fund for tech startups in the Middle East - we are building sustainable economic markets throughout MENA.

The MENA market is one of the fastest growing market in the world and yet it is a market dominated by old-world politics and heavily undeveloped third-world problems.

By creating not only technology solutions to everyday problems - but economic companies that connect and work on a local and international level - we can change both the economic and social landscape in the region as well.

Our mission is much bigger than building a few successful $BN companies, we are elevating a region with frontier markets into cutting-edge economies via entrepreneurship and innovation.

So the only question is: why *wouldn't* you want to work at Modus Capital. Come build the next technology innovation economy with us in the MENA region.

We are seeking two country specific General Partners to join our team in Egypt.

The candidates we are looking for should be experienced serial entrepreneurs and/or startup investors in early to mid-stage ventures.

The GP’s will help run day-to-day operations of the fund, source and lead new investments, help mentor and manage venture partners, and assist in all aspects of fundraising. The candidates will be expected to bring relevant experience and thinking to the firm's discussions about the evolution of our fund thesis, composition and structure. Candidates should have both extensive investment experience and work experience in the tech sector itself.

We have 2 GP positions in Egypt, each with their own company profile responsibility:

  • Incubation and early to mid-stage tech

  • Mid-stage companies and SME’s that are primarily non-tech but can significantly benefit from technology value-added


The GP’s will be expected to:

  • Have ownership of his/her projects, and be expected to manage these projects from start to finish;

  • Interact with top VCs, entrepreneurs, and the media

  • Interact with major institutional investors, government agencies, sovereign wealth funds and diplomats;

  • Learn about all facets of technology, consumer finance, business services, and the other industries in which Modus invests.

  • Management of current portfolio CRM

  • Manage and  oversee a select team of venture partners and analysts to support the Egyptian funds efforts

We are seeking unique and highly experienced individuals who meets the following criteria:

  • Experience building at least 1 startup OR venture fund / group

  • At least 10 years professional experience in tech or related fields

  • Founder material - you know if you have it

  • Enjoys working hard; is self-driven; has initiative and ambition

  • Understands the entire life-cycle of tech startups

  • Dedication to building an entirely new technology economy in Egypt for the next 5+ years

  • Technical experience / engineering a plus

We are a very easy team to work with. Nobody has done this in the MENA region before us. The opportunity exists - if you match our criteria and are looking for not only "the next big thing" - but "the next biggest thing" - then get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!